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Girl Again, The Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor, and Here the Naughtiest Girl!. This . The Naughtiest Girl Collection is one of Blyton's school stories which describes about The Naughtiest Girl series of novels was written by Enid Blyton in the ss. Unusually, they are set at a progressive boarding school rather than a. A young girl who resembles the original Little Princess steps from a grand chauffeur-driven car. She's visiting Elizabeth Allen prior to accompanying her to.

It's the summer term and the kids we all know are back again.

There's Elizabeth of course and her good friends — Julian Holland which distinguishes him from the adventuresome Kirrin adventurer who bears the same first-name and John who's into gardening in a big way. Rosemary is back and Harry who was helped considerably with certain problems during his first term at Whyteleafe School. The rest of the students are also back and raring to go. A boy with a sulky face who looks a bit like Julian is a new scholar and he happens to be Julian's cousin.

His name is Patrick and he and Julian don't get on all that well because Patrick doesn't like being outdone by anyone and that's exactly what Julian can do whether in class or playing sport. Julian is, for want of a better word, 'Brilliant'. He can be lazy but if he wants to, he can excel over most of the people with whom he rubs shoulders. He's also a born trickster meaning that he can think up ingenious pranks to play on unsuspecting school teachers — and he does!

Elizabeth is introduced to Patrick and there is instant friction when the boy makes his dislike of her and of Julian felt very strongly.

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Elizabeth settles into school life once again with plans for helping in the garden and she has tennis aspirations not to mention thoughts about pony-riding and she may even attempt to top Julian in the classroom. Patrick also settles in — well, he has to, and despite his strong preference to attend a boys-only school where there would be no girls who can order him around, he manages to make a reasonably good impression at Whyteleafe because he's good at games and can be funny if he wants to although he can't imitate Julian's crazy talent for making weird noises.

He's tried, but failed to make them in such a way that no one can detect the source. Julian is similar to a ventriloquist in that respect. It's not very long at all before Patrick comes up against Elizabeth whom he has been pointedly ignoring because she's Julian's friend. A general meeting dealing with gardening and associated matters is held and everyone in the first form has to attend.

Patrick doesn't because he's not interested and he goes away by himself to practice hitting balls with his racquet.

Elizabeth is sent to fetch him and you might imagine what happens. Here's a girl coming to order Patrick of all people to attend a meeting. Elizabeth confronts him, but he won't accompany her. The girl's impulsiveness gets the better of her and she grabs his racquet then races off with it, and throws it into a bush on her way back to the meeting.

A very angry Patrick storms after her and ends up at the venue demanding the return of his possession No one's interested — the meeting holds priority. Patrick is ordered to sit down and he does so. It's now raining. The racquet is outside in the bushes and getting very wet. The train moves off bound for Whyteleafe and so another school term commences.

Right from the start Elizabeth falls into her monitor's role and issues instructions regarding the new kids — they need to be shown around and made at home. Apart from Arabella there are three new faces. One belongs to a very interesting boy who's about the untidiest person Elizabeth had ever seen. His long black hair falls in a wild lock over his forehead and he has deep green eyes like a cat's. His name is Julian Holland and he's a rather exceptional lad with a brilliant mind and extraordinary talents which include the ability to construct models — in fact, almost anything with his hands and he can also cause disruption by making noises of all kinds.

He has a sort of ventriloquial ability to imitate anything from animals and birds to making weird noises that sound like nothing on earth.

At the same time, despite possessing the ability to be top of the class with ease, he has a Don't Care attitude and wants to live his life the way he likes with no responsibilities — nothing which could hamper his urge to enjoy himself.

To him, lessons are a bore so he can't be bothered with trying hard. Martin Follett and Rosemary Wing are the other new entrants. Martin is clean and tidy but his eyes are set a little too close together and Rosemary is a shy soul. Jenny, the talented mimicker, is back for another term as is Richard who is a dreamy boy obsessed with music.

Joan Townsend, Elizabeth's close friend during the first two terms and of whom we see very little in this book, has gone up a class so Elizabeth will need another confidante. Robert is one of her good pals and so is Kathleen but she settles for the highly personable Julian — upon his suggestion.

The first School Meeting arrives and Julian agrees with Arabella that they are a waste of time.

The Naughtiest Girl in the School

How is Arabella getting on? Well, for the time being she's just settling in. The children file into the gym and Elizabeth very proudly sits on the platform up at the front with the other monitors. The head-boy and girl arrive to preside over the Meeting and it commences.

Julian shows his lack of respect for the proceedings by making a noise like a saucepan boiling over. Elizabeth knows who it is but the judges — William and Rita, don't and aren't any the wiser when it suddenly ceases. William makes a general comment that's it's not funny to hold up a School Meeting and then the Box is handed round.

Everyone has to put any money they have into the Box and most do. Arabella doesn't — she keeps back a pound and that's quite a large sum of money for a girl only just in her teens although this particular child is used to large sums of cash.

John Terry the inveterate gardener stands up and requests extra money for a small wheelbarrow that can be used by the younger ones. Barrows are rather expensive so the new boy Julian offers to make one from any bits and pieces he can find in the shed and this is welcomed by all.

During the next few days he works on it and very soon the children who pass by hear the creaking of a wheelbarrow being pushed around. Finished already? It's just Julian making one of his clever noises to fool all and sundry.


Yes, he's a bit of a rascal but his heart is very much in the right place. Unfortunately, Arabella has gotten on the wrong side of her class-mates because they find out that she kept money back from the Box's maw. She has turned up her nose at everyone since her arrival so she's made no friends except for the shy and nervous Rosemary. In return for her snobbery and selfishness, the rest of the boys and girls respond in kind.

Jenny imitates her and causes much laughter when she, acting as Arabella, says how her family took three cars when they went away on holiday " I was allowed to stay up to dinner every night at my grandmother's place and we had fifteen different courses to eat!

Rosemary knows but, being a nervous individual, she doesn't like to tell her friend. Surprisingly, Elizabeth is also unaware but no one liked to inform her seeing that Arabella is a friend of the family and all that.

The way to solve the present situation of course is to bring it up at the Meeting and Arabella does. She reports on the way she is being treated but unfortunately her reticence to part with her extra money is brought up as well and Arabella is embarrassed.

It's not too good for Elizabeth either because she's a monitor yet she didn't know anything about the problem and Arabella words her responses so that it looks as if Elizabeth is party to blame for the misdemeanor! Later Elizabeth tells Julian that he could at least have told her about Arabella but Julian being the way he is just doesn't care about the matter and when she lectures him just a little about his attitude, their friendship suffers just a little.

Arabella has not set the school on its heels with her beauty and refined upbringing, rather she's just surviving the days and weeks and the only friendship she has seems to come from Rosemary and also Martin — one of the new boys.

Julian makes plenty of pals in fact 'everyone' likes him because he's so exciting and talented. It's time for something else to happen and it does — Rosemary is missing some of her money. She reports this to her monitor who is Elizabeth and a trap is laid. Elizabeth then receives a shock when she discovers evidence that seems to point to the thief as being none other than her close friend — Julian!

Arabella also loses money and there is a confrontation between Elizabeth and Julian. The chapter is entitled 'A Dreadful Quarrel' and it speaks for itself. As a result, Julian turns his tremendous talents to playing a trick or two on Elizabeth in the classroom situation and he's very successful because he causes the poor girl to be banished to the corridor outside.

A monitor being sent out of the room is quite serious and none other than the head girl — Rita, passes by and notices her. Very Bad Mark there for Elizabeth. Julian plays another trick which causes a few giggles amongst the girls and boys but the recipient of some little drops of water falling on her head is in no mood for giggling — especially when Elizabeth has to explain her discomfort to none other than Mam'zelle the hot-tempered French teacher.

Mark up yet another success for Julian.

Added to all this is the fact that the rest of the girls have found out why Julian and Elizabeth have split up because their quarrel was overheard by another boy who was nearby so she's really in everyone's bad books because they can't believe that Julian would stoop to taking people's money. The Whyteleafe boys and girls need a midnight feast because at least one of these is required during the school year and they happen with regularity in other books written by the author.

It's Arabella's birthday and she suggests an apposite celebration so a pile of food and drink is amassed and just look at the goodies — Sardines, Tinned Peaches, Chocolate Buns, Biscuits, a large Birthday Cake and plenty of Beer.

All this lovely grub is hidden away and will be brought out on the night. Sadly, Elizabeth and her close friends are not invited and a reason wouldn't be too hard to find apart from the fact that a monitor might not condone such shenanigans. The midnight feast looks as if it's going to be a great success after the children have managed to exit their dormitories without waking the uninvited but Something Happens due to a fairly innocent activity by none other than the Naughtiest Girl.

Her ratings sink even lower so it's time for another trick to be played on poor Elizabeth and Julian obliges with an old Enid Blyton staple — sneezing powder. I can't - A-tish-ooooo - help it! Elizabeth is once more in the corridor and Murphy's Law dictates that this time — William, the head boy, should pass by. Elizabeth is giving a very bad impression to the Higher-Ups.

Things go from bad to worse and when Elizabeth makes a false accusation at the next Meeting, there is a terrible consequence — she is stripped of her authority. No longer is she a monitor!

Always rushing into trouble. What would she do now? The tension has lessened and that's great because Elizabeth has been experiencing a very low period in her life. A bit of tom-foolery would liven things up and it does.

The tom-fooler is of course the irrepressible Julian and his curious ability to mystify teachers with strange noises — in this case it's Mr. Leslie the science-master who is the target. Like most writers, Enid Blyton would inject the appropriate balancing factors into her works and if you take a quick glance at some of her short stories it's not hard to notice them.

Matilda who always lost her temper and screamed the house down when things didn't go her way was transported to a house that really did fall down when she screamed!

The boy who was greedy ended up with turnips, carrots and potatoes in his Xmas stocking because Santa thought he was a pig, and Bad Tempered Bessie who kicked and pinched people when she lost her temper was matched with a boy who gave back exactly what she dished out.

Julian Holland has a 'Don't Care' attitude to life. He's not worried about using his brains to better himself because after all, he's popular and amusing and if he wants to call upon any of his talents he can. He's able to be top of the class anytime — and he is, but only when he feels like it.After that meeting Joan convinces her that misbehaving to be expelled is a bad idea, and advises her to be good, and to ask the heads of the school to tell her parents that she is unhappy and to ask them to take her away, but not in disgrace.

Elizabeth confronts him, but he won't accompany her.

Naughtiest Girl Books, Stories and Games

She even had a title and made an impact in her own way by attracting devoted slaves however, St. Here's a girl coming to order Patrick of all people to attend a meeting. In the end, she became a teacher, though her passion for writing never dwindled.

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